Residential Pest Control | Boise, ID

Protec Pest Control Services employees are experts in residential pest control and rodent control. We offer customized quarterly maintenance programs designed to get to the source of the issue and ensure the proper treatment for the following:

• Bee’s
• Rodent’s
• Ant’s
• Spider’s
• and More!

Your initial service is the first step in breaking the life cycle of any current or future pests. This pest control service includes a comprehensive consultation and an interior and exterior treatment of your home.

The initial service includes the following:
• Removal of webs and egg sacks to prevent future spiders from hatching
• Removal of wasp, hornet or mud dauber nests from eves and fence areas
• Apply multi-insecticide granular 6-8 feet around home targeting flower beds and grass near foundation
• Apply multi-insecticide barrier around exterior of home including the foundation and crack and crevice treatment
• Fully inspect and treat all areas of garage including removal of spider webs
• Apply multi-insecticide mist treatment to entry/exit points and base boards as needed
• Treat all plumbing and wall void areas throughout home with wall void injection treatment
• Inspect home for rodent activity and treat if necessary

Following your initial service, Protec Pest Control Services will begin a quarterly maintenance program to ensure constant protection from insects and rodents. We guarantee our service and customer satisfaction throughout the year.

We look forward to serving you.

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